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Fashion and sport sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, designer accessories.

Scented candles, room fragrances, scented soaps, scented sachets.

Boutis, tablecloths, curtains, tea towels, decorative objects.

Decorative shells, decorative objects and jewelry.

Marie la Lune is more than a brand of ready-to-wear, it's a universe. It's Italian fashion made accessible to all women. Marie la Lune is the style and quality at the best price.

Colorful clothes to live in the sun.

Inflatable toys, summer games, sport items, gifts, various toys, beach and camping accessories.

Jewelry, natural stones, mother of pearl, minerals.

Flip flops, hats, bath towels, beach bags, sunglasses, sarongs, fashion accessories, foutas, beach dresses.

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