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As a sparkling, pure unisex perfume that captures the impression of a perfect sunny day at sea, Inis is a favorite brand of boutiques worldwide. The light and invigorating scent of Inis appeals to men and women of all ages. Inis means island in Irish, and the scent was inspired by Roundstoune beach on Ireland's wild west coast.

Corsets lavender balls, lavender, lavender spindles.

Artisan Creator of authentic perfumes that honor the Corsican fragrances and the rest of the world.

Savonnerie Rampal Latour. Bath accessories and natural sponges Croll Denecke. Cadentia perfumes. Barnier candy confectionery. FĂ©ret Perfumer : Immerse yourself in the world of retro-chic French, an exclusive range of care for the face and body.

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